Aron Meystedt is visited by tens of thousands of curious web surfers annually. has been featured in: CNN, NY Times, WSJ, Forbes, Venture Beat, Tech Crunch, Mashable, PC World, CNET and many more.Hi! Im Aron. I am a startup founder and angel investor. I like to invest in tech startups and alternate assets like domain names and rare collectibles. I am an active investor in several groups like Tech Coast Angels in Southern California.
I'm the guy that investors, startups and corporations hire when they need a prime domain name. I work with clients that have a $100,000 and up budget. Contact me if you need my help in landing a top tier domain name. My network collectively owns millions of premium domain names that aren't on the market.
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I love to help people with their entrepreneurship journey. In fact, we built a really cool site, powered by AI, to help with this:
During my own entrepreneurial adventures, I became the owner of the very first .com registered on the Internet:
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